Do you feel you are drowning in paperwork and losing control of your financial affairs?

Are you recently bereaved and would like help in understanding where you currently stand financially and administratively?

Are you anxious that you may be susceptible to fraud or scams – or perhaps have already been caught out and have not yet told anyone – and you would now like help sorting things out, or get assistance to  reduce the risk of being financially compromised?


Do you need to know – or already know – the financial and asset position of your beneficiary or loved one?

Do you have to make very quick decisions in the best interest of the beneficiary? If so, do you need help in rapidly establishing a detailed reference position?

Have you identified the key documents you need to fully understand the currently financial and legal position of your charge – and where to find them?

Are you concerned that your beneficiary may already be vulnerable to frauds or scams prior to you securing control of their affairs in their best interest under the Lasting Power of Attorney?


Do you have a suspected fraud, bribery  & corruption, or money laundering problem?

When was the last time you carried out a comprehensive fraud risk assessment?  

Do you have an internal audit unit or a dedicated fraud team?

Do you conduct regular management reviews of internal controls, processes, accounts, or transactions?

Are there training programmes and formal fraud prevention policies or a fraud risk assessment mechanism in place?

Do you frequently conduct surprise audits or conduct independent audits of your organisation's internal controls over financial reporting?

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