What we do

GNHW Consulting provides a trusted and professionally accredited service that maps assets, identifies fraud and assesses personal or corporate vulnerabilities to fraud.

Where fraud is concerned, GNHW Consulting is alert to its relentless presence and able to investigate it in all its various guises, from those frauds typically affecting older people to frauds involving organisations, institutions and financial losses through cash, payment, or insurance frauds, or by way of money laundering (see Risk Context).

Where there is a need to identify vulnerabilities to probity or fraud, GNHW Consulting conducts thorough personal or organisational fraud risk assessments, generating coherent findings that identify vulnerabilities and recommend remedies.

Where there is a need to identify and map the location of assets, GNHW Consulting carefully examines financial and documentary records, analyses data and transactions, locates and recovers hidden assets, interviews witnesses and conducts a wide range of background checks.